How loud can Première S play?

In a typical in-room stereo setup with a 3-meter listening distance, expect around 90-95dB peak output.
This is:

  • just under the level that will cause permanent hearing damage on prolonged exposure
  • loud enough to upset your neighbors (if you’re living in an apartment)
Can I use my existing integrated amplifier?

Première S is an active speaker and as such, requires no external amplification.

However, most high-quality integrated amplifiers feature so-called “pre-outs”.
These put out a line level signal, which can be used to drive Première.

Depending on the model of your integrated amplifier, there might only be single-ended (Cinch) outputs. 
Première can be used on single-ended outputs by using an RCA to XLR adapter cable.

You can find and order an example of such cable at the link below:

Thomann – RCA to XLR Adapter Cable

Do you offer speaker-stands?


We originally intended to offer a custom stands for Première. This design turned out to be too expensive to be viable.

Which speaker-stands do you recommend?

A speaker stand must generally fulfil three requirements:

  1. Be mechanically fit to support the speaker
  2. Make accommodations for your ear-height
  3. Be visually appealing to you

To elaborate further:

  1. The stand must be able to support the weight of the speaker. The top plate should be at least 15×20 cm and at most 20×28 cm. Screwing the top plate to the speaker is not strictly required. If the speaker is not screwed on, use a non-slip material between the speaker and the stand’s top plate. The stand’s base should be at least the size of the speaker’s bottom side (22×35 cm). 
  2. The stand should have such height, that the speaker’s tweeter height is at ear height in your normal listening position. The tweeter’s center is up 30 cm from the bottom edge. This means, if your ear height at the normal listening position is at 100 cm, opt for a stand height of 70 cm. This is only a generalized recommendation, slight deviation will be fine.
  3. Tastes are different. Given the above criteria is met, you can choose a stand based on appearance.

You can find a drawing of Premières mounting-hole layout below:

Première S – Mounting Hole Layout

For high-quality stands “Made in Germany”, check out Liedtke Metalldesign.

Can I use Première on single-ended sources?

Première can be used on single-ended sources by using an RCA to XLR adapter cable.

You can find and order an example of such cable at the link below:

Thomann – RCA to XLR Adapter Cable

Which digital sources can I use with Première S?

Any digital source with an electrical digital output (coax S/PDIF or AES/EBU) can be used with Première S, if its digital output is volume-controlled.
Below you will find examples of such devices:

Budget Options:

(*) Requires RCA splitter and RCA to XLR adapter cable

(**) Requires XLR splitter

(***) Requires BNC splitter and BNC to XLR adapter

Please note that this list has been compiled based on information provided by each manufacturer. 

Please do your own due-diligence before buying these products.

Are test-kit speakers the same as what I’ll get when I purchase your product?

Yes. And No.

Any product that fails QC for visual reasons, ends up becoming a test-kit.

Do expect some signs of wear or other visual imperfections on test-kit products.

Functionally though, test-kit products are identical to factory new products.

Factory new products are not broken in before being shipped out, so there might be a slight sound difference within the first few days of use.

I live in the US - how can I order your product?

Unfortunately, we cannot sell or ship to the United States at the current time.

Currently, procuring the product through friends or relatives living in the EU is your only option.

I live in Europe, but my country is not part of the EU - how can I order your product?

You can’t order through the online store.

Please get in touch.