Policies. Mission Statement. Core Values

No Bull$#*t.

The audio industry has some of the most passionate customers, willing to do anything it takes to enhance their listening experience. 

Unfortunately, some entities are exploiting this passion.

Allegedly sound-enhancing fuses, sound-enhancing CD-conditioning liquids, electrosmog reducing crystals, along with metaphysical explanations of why they matter are some items you will find being sold to trusting audiophiles, exploiting their desire for better sound.

We do not and will not sell products with no tangible effect or lacking foundation in reality.

Balanced Approach.

A dispute over “Measurement vs. Listening” is dividing the audio community, with neither party seeing merit in the opposing argument.

AcouLab is taking a balanced approach to product design. 

Though rarely acknowledged, loudspeaker design is all about trade-offs and compromise; the goal being to make a product which can create an illusion of a live sound event.

While measurement plays an important role in product development and quality control, when it comes to evaluating human perception of sound, there is no better judge than a human listener. 

Sound First.

You might perceive our products as ordinary consumer goods, for we strive to match or exceed their qualities in regard to ease-of-use, style, functionality and competitive pricing.

However, we are an outlier in an industry where selling rebranded Imported goods is becoming increasingly popular. 

These goods are favoring an extended, marketable feature-set over performance. 

AcouLab products make sound a priority. 

Every one of our products is designed in-house with that particular goal in mind.

In-House Engineering.

With rapidly increasing complexity in electronics, substantial amounts of cross-disciplinary competence are required in the field of hardware and software engineering, in order to develop a product which is competitive in a market, where consumer expectations are increasing at an equal pace.

Thus, many manufactures are forced to rely on OEM solutions and third-party competence in their products. 

To accommodate the largest possible audience,
OEM solution providers focus on mid-tier electronics, inevitably resulting in severe compromise when used in the high-end market.


Did you know that dealers in the High-End Audio industry typically take a 50% cut of the product’s end-price ?

That’s right – 50% of what you pay does not go into the product itself, but rather a “service” which has no relevance after the purchase.

Subsequently, if one were to bypass said dealer, you -the customer- could either get twice the product at the same price, or the same product at half the price.

AcouLab does direct sales only, to ensure the best “Bang-per-Buck” for its customers. 
To provide a hands-on experience without a dealer, AcouLab offers Test-Kits which are delivered to the customer’s home. 


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the three keys to reducing waste – ranked by order of effectiveness.

However, since the two former will negatively affect a companies bottom line, they are often conveniently left out when discussing sustainability. 

This is part of a practice known as “greenwashing” – promoting a green image, while failing to act in ways which would benefit the cause.

Our products are designed with longevity and repairability in mind. We have instituted repair policies that will allow AcouLab devices to stay in service for decades to come.
Not for marketing purposes – but because it’s the right thing to do.